1890 Trainwreck

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On April 27 there was a trainwreck.

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A Smashup on the Queen and Crescent.
HATTIESBURG, Miss., April 27. --[Special.]
A fearful accident happened here this morning, at half-past 4 o'clock. A freight train headed north was standing on the main track. Another one going in the same direction ran into the rear end of the one standing and bursted four or five of the cars of the foremost train. The latter had two or three cars headed with cattle and twelve of them were killed.
The most remarkable incident was two cattle were thrown forward out of the car and lodged on top of the second car ahead of them. The trucks of the lcomotive were thrown and lodged on the same car.
The engineer, Guy F. North, was caught under the engine and could not be taken out under two hours. He was burned from his feet to his knees to a crisp, and died this evening at ten minutes to 3 o'clock. Mr. North says he blew for breaks, but got no response. It is the most horrible smashup that has ever occured on this road. The fireman jumped, but hit a stump and was badly hurt, but is doing well.