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January 9

February 9

  • First Baptist Church announced it was changing its name to Venture Church

March 8

March 11

  • A tanker truck carrying acrylonitrile, a flammable and toxic chemical, overturned on Interstate 59 near Highway 11, closing the interstate for nearly a day

May 5

  • The Bottling Co. reopened as an event hosting venue and held held its first event

May 17

May 23

May 31

  • Bobby Chain, former mayor of Hattiesburg, died at age 84

June 13

  • The Hattiesburg Zoo's 17-year-old Siberian tiger, Tigger, was euthanized due to health problems

July 9

July 24

July 26

July 28

August 15

October 24

November 2

November 3

November 12

  • USM unveiled two options for its new logo and asked for public feedback

November 25

December 1

December 15

  • USM revealed its new logo


These are events that don't have a specific known date