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January 13

March 15

March 29

April 9

April 11

  • Fred's announced it was closing 159 stores across the country, including one of its Hattiesburg locations off of Broadway Drive

April 21

April 23

  • An extra 1% tax on hotels and restaurant sales was approved by 81% of voters in Hattiesburg to pay for various parks and recreation projects

May 10

May 16

  • Fred's announced it was closing another 104 stores, including its location in Hattiesburg at 5266 Old Highway 11

June 13

  • Regions Bank held an official ribbon cutting ceremony for its new mortgage center on Lincoln Road. It opened earlier in the year, moving about 300 employees from its downtown office.

July 18

August 17

August 22

August 30

  • The former home of Oseola McCarty was moved from its original location on Miller Street to a new location on Sixth Street, where it is planned to become a museum

September 3

October 21

November 5

November 8

November 25

  • Lottery tickets went on sale in Mississippi for the first time

December 3


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