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Eaton School was an elementary school for white children located on McInnis Avenue. The building was built in 1905, based on the architectural plans for Walthall Elementary School (built in 1902), and expanded with a cafeteria and extra classrooms in 1949.


In 2008 the school was added to the National Register of Historic Places. The Mississippi Department of Archives and History gave the City of Hattiesburg a $39,000 grant to repair the roof. Soon work began on the roof, but once the old roof trusses were removed and the new trusses installed the Mississippi Department of Archives and History ordered that work be stopped due to the new roof trusses having a much lower slope than the original trusses.[1] By early 2010 all work had stopped, leaving no roof on the building and the interior exposed to the elements. By March 2010 a temporary roof had been installed.[2][3] The City of Hattiesburg tried to recoup some of the costs of repairs from the bond of roofing contractor, J. Miller Construction and Roofing, but eventually the statute of limitations expired. In 2015 additional work began to try to stabilize the building, including applying for a $1 million grant to pay for repairs.[4][5]

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