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Gus's Cafe #1, at the corner of Batson and Mobile Streets
Gus's Cafe #2

Originally, Gus's Cafe was a small eating spot on the corner of Batson and Mobile (Market) Streets in Downtown Hattiesburg, and Gus (last name), who immigrated from Greece in (year), was the owner.

The original Gus's was referred to as Gus's #1 when Gus opened a second location, appropriately named Gus's #2, on the corner of East Front and Mobile Streets. Both stores operated successfully for many years, a testament to the level of activity in the downtown Hattiesburg area at that time.

The two locations operated independently, possibly because the first location was booming and could not be expanded, or maybe because there were one too many cooks in the kitchen at Gus's #1. The stores are exactly two city blocks apart, a distance of less than .1 mile. Both were still marked and recognizable in 2011.

Gus's #2 was opened in 1951 on corner of Front St. and Mobile St. (the address is 114 E. Front St.) It was remodelled in 1993, and was operated by "Miss Angie" (Gus's #2's wife) who was known for the happy smile she always wore.[1] Both locations are currently closed.