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The Hattiesburg Memory Wiki is a website full of information and images from Hattiesburg's past and present, similar to an encyclopedia. This site is a wiki, which means anyone can easily contribute to just about any page or article on this site.

Basic navigation

Whenever you see text like this it means it is a link to a page or article. Often you will see similar red links. These are links to pages which have not yet been created. If you click them without being logged in you will be taken to a page asking you to log in. If you are already logged in it will take you to a page allowing you to create the new page. Links to external websites, like this, look like normal links with the addition of a square and arrow icon.

Finding articles

Articles cross-reference each other, meaning every article contains links to other articles. So an easy way to find articles is to simply begin at the Main Page and begin browsing. If you're looking for an article on a specific topic you can try doing a search.

At the bottom of most pages, including this one, there is a list of categories. Articles and pages can belong to one or more categories, and clicking on a category will let you see a list of all similar articles within that category. For example, the Downtown category page contains a list of all pages within the Downtown category. This can let you quickly find related articles.

Table of contents

Many pages, like this one, have a table of contents located at the beginning of the article. This is useful for quickly navigating to a particular section of an article.

Side bar

Every page contains a sidebar located over on the left of the screen. The sidebar contains three panels, navigation, search, and toolbox.


The links in the navigation panel are for viewing specific important pages.

  • Main Page - Links back to the front page of the Wiki
  • Community portal - A special part of the Wiki with pages designed to help support the rest of the site
  • Current events - Links to recent news stories
  • Recent changes - Links to a page containing a list of all pages that were recently updated or changed
  • Random page - Links to a randomly picked page
  • Rules - Links to a collection of rules that must be followed for users who decide to contribute to the Wiki


The search panel is for searching for a particular article or topic. Just type whatever you want to search for in the search box and press either Go, which will search for articles with that name, or press Search, which will search for articles containing text that matches your search.


The links under the toolbox are specialized pages to help advanced users.

  • What links here - Lists articles that link to the article you're currently viewing
  • Special:Upload - Allows registered users to upload images so the server so that they can be placed into articles
  • Special pages - Displays a list of special pages, or pages that are used to display information and statistics about the Wiki or perform special advanced tasks
  • Printable version - Reformats the current page into a more printer-friendly version
  • Permanent link - Provides a link to the current revision of the page (useful when citing articles)



History of the Wiki

In late 2004 the first Wiki devoted to Hattiesburg was brought online (the earliest known edit was on December 4). It used the UseModWiki software. Over the next couple years the wiki grew with information on Hattiesburg's past and present. On August 27, 2006, the wiki was moved to MediaWiki software, the same software that powers Wikipedia. On September 18, 2007, the site was moved to its current home at http://hattiesburgmemory.org.