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A lot of times the best source for something is a newspaper, and most likely that newspaper will be the Hattiesburg American. Unfortunately they don't seem to archive online articles beyond a year or so, so links to newspaper articles go bad. The simple answer is to just remove links when they go bad, and make sure all newspaper references have the title of the article and the date it was printed so that they can still be found offline.

Quoting the entire article won't work either. See the Wikipedia fair use page for more information. Specifically, it says:

In general, extensive quotation of copyrighted news materials (such as newspapers and wire services), movie scripts, or any other copyrighted text is not fair use and is prohibited by Wikipedia policy.

Small, properly cited quotes and articles from way back in the day (the articles on the Dolly Williamson page, for instance) that are public domain due to the copyright expiring are exceptions, and are fine to quote.

Ideally the Hattiesburg American would archive its pages, or give us permission to quote articles. But unless that happens it's safer to just cite the articles.

Citing newspapers

Here's an example of what a good newspaper citation looks like:

The citation include the article name, author, paper, and the date the article was printed. The title can be made a link if the article is available online (once the link expires the link should be removed, leaving just the citation information).

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