Hulett-Winstead Funeral Home

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Hulett-Winstead Funeral Home on Bay St.

Hulett-Winstead Funeral Home is a funeral home company with chapels in Hattiesburg, Sumrall, and Purvis. The Hattiesburg chapel is on Bay Street.

The company began when Dr. J.E. Hulett opened Hulett Undertaking Co. in downtown Hattiesburg in 1910. Later in 1928 construction began on the current Bay Street location, but wasn't finished until 1933. J.R. Winstead began working for Hulett in 1947, and in 1962 Winstead bought part of the business. In 1972 Winstead bought the entire business.[1][2] Winstead died, aged 82, on June 13, 2010.[3]

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