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The Sanborn Map of Hattiesburg from 1890

Beginning in the mid 1800s, the Sanborn Map Company began creating the Sanborn Maps, originally used for estimating fire insurance liability. The information recorded in these maps generally includes streets, building outlines, building usage, and building materials. Today the Sanborn Maps have become an important tool for researchers.[1]

Hattiesburg maps

The following maps are provided to make it easier to research Hattiesburg's past. All maps here were published before 1926 and are therefore public domain.

July 1890

March 1895

April 1898

April 1903

October 1906

March 1910

August 1915

May 1925

Note: Maps from 1931 exist, but are not public domain, and so are not available here. However, they are available online from various sources, but generally require paid access. If you have a USM Library account you can access them at Or the Hattiesburg Historic Neighborhood Association currently hosts Sanborn Maps from 1890 - 1961:


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