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In early 2015 Mississippi Power and Strata Solar announced plans to build a 50 megawatt solar power plant in Hattiesburg at the industrial park at a cost of about $100 million (about $2/watt)[1] (the Kemper County power plant, by comparison, is expected to produce about 582 megawatts at a cost of $7.1 billion, or about $12.20/watt)[2]). Later the location of the proposed solar power planned was changed to a 460 acre site along Bonhomie Road due to concerns about potential glare shining at aircraft flying near the Hattiesburg airport.[3] The Hattiesburg city council approved the project on October 20, 2015[4], and the Mississippi Public Service Commission approved the project on November 10[5].

A groundbreaking ceremony was held at the Lake Terrace Convention Center on April 27, 2016.[6] The plant held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on September 15, 2017.[7]