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It appears that History of Forrest County disagrees with some of the information on Usm's own history page here:, especially on facts like the total number of students when the school opened, how much money the school received from the city, etc. Effort should be made to resolve these conflicts. --LarryM 22:32, 19 December 2006 (CST)

Old talk

There is a conflict between History of Forrest County and Hattiesburg, A Pictorial History. HoFC doesn't mention Southern Hall as one of the original buildings but I think HaPH does. We oughta double check that. Southern Hall does seem newer than the others on the inside, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. Also, HoFC doesn't mention Mississippi Hall as one of the original buildings. -- Brad

Southern Hall was built a couple years after everything else, so it's not an original building, but still one of the oldest. -- Brad